Walmart Grocery Pick-up

Contract Build

A decommission was completed of the existing automotive unit at Walmart Regent in Winnipeg, MB. An extensive demolition and renovation took place to convert this space into the new grocery pick-up location.

Included in this project was the removal of a 3,500 sq ft concrete slab due to oil contamination and replacing with a new reinforced concrete floor. More of the project scope included but was not limited to selective demolition, joist reinforcing installation, infill and patch of roof penetrations, masonry infill, patching of AVB membranes, exterior wall cladding, interior painting, selective roof removal and replacements, install of new interior doors & frames as well as overhead doors. New HVAC ducting and gas lines were also routed to new mechanical heating units designed for this space. All existing electrical systems were also upgraded as a part of this project.

Take a look at the new grocery pick up at Walmart Regent in Winnipeg!